2/27/2013 01:53:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Turkey Legs at Animal

Just when you think Animal is riding the wave, just moving along being its own popular self, chefs Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook come up with something new to get our attention. Visitors always want to go there - some of the New York Zagat team is in town for the 30 Under 30 celebrations - and we will never say no to the Fairfax restaurant. It's fun to pop in to see what's new on the menu, and this time we were drawn to two things: kung pao sweetbreads and a turkey leg. Turkey leg? Oh sweet goodness, yes.

These are nothing like the giant turkey legs you see at the county fair. Cut in the French style, it's more like a chicken pop only much, much bigger. The meat is incredible. It's been confited and smoked, falls off the bone and comes with a white barbecue sauce, which we've never had before. We'd slather that creamy, paprika-flecked sauce - ok, maybe it's a Ranch dressing cousin - on anything, but drizzled on the turkey? Amazing. The staff is really excited about the dish, which is why you see it on every table. That, or people just want to hold up a giant turkey leg in their hands like King Henry VIII (which may or may not have happened at our table, but if you're going to eat in a place called Animal...). Move over, crispy fried quail. We may have a new favorite.


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