2/05/2013 01:00:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: S'more Bombe at The Boarding House

Trio of desserts (from left) s'more bombe, blood orange cream puff and sugar pie
The Boarding House may boast an elaborate interior with a chandelier made of wine glasses and a dining room dripping with green glass bottles, but how is the food? Pretty tasty. Last night, in the mezzanine above an almost full dining room, we sampled some of the offerings. Diners in the third floor dining room can feast on the likes of succulent short ribs and tender venison, while those in the downstairs bar or cellar enjoy Americanized versions of Canadian comfort food such as poutine pizza, all created by executive chef Christian Gosselin.

Regardless of which area of master sommelier Alpana Singh’s four-story wine sanctuary one is seated, guests will be able to enjoy the sweet creations of pastry chef Julia Fitting. Last night, the highlight of a dessert trio (which included a blood orange cream puff and sugar pie) was the s’more bombe. A graham cracker crust is topped with fluffy marshmallow filling and chocolate-hazelnut mousse. Decadent enough? Nope. It's then covered with dark chocolate that hardens into a shell. It is served with a housemade marshmallow and drinking chocolate for an experience as over-the-top and elegant as The Boarding House itself.


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