2/05/2013 07:22:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Chilled Eggplant At MY China

We were at M.Y. China, Martin Yan’s splashy new modern Chinese restaurant in the Westfield Center checking out among other things, its Chinese New Year’s menu and hand-pulled scissor-cut noodles. As advertised, we were treated to an entertaining hand-pulling noodle performance, and enjoyed the evening tucking into some mighty fine pork & black truffle juicy dumplings, crispy Peking duck and gingery wok-fried Dungeness crab, but the quiet highlight of the meal was this modest chilled eggplant side dish. As our waiter explained, the fat wedges of eggplant are first boiled until tender, then chilled in the refrigerator and dressed with a yuzu vinaigrette. Unlike your typical gloppy eggplant dish smothered in a sweet brown sauce, this one was downright refreshing, with the tangy citrusy dressing balancing the richness of the eggplant. No one had to tell us to finish eating our vegetables.


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