2/22/2013 04:32:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate For Brunch: Eveleigh's Spelt Pancakes

Here's just a little nibble from last weekend's brunch to prepare you for this weekend. Eveleigh is known for it's rustic boho-chic style, a fantastic cocktail program and a great patio. But none of that should be left to evenings alone. That patio, which is really most of the restaurant out back, looks out over the hills down into West Hollywood and LA, and on a beautiful sunny afternoon, you feel miles away from. It's ideal for brunch.

The spelt pancakes were by far our favorite on the table last weekend - gluten-free, we're told, but still so light, served with a lovely poached pear, spiced butter and bay leaf maple syrup. But we also liked the "Big Breakfast" with eggs, sausage, bacon and a crisp hashbrown patty. Sure you can get a mimosa, but why not try a spiked iced coffee or, our preference, the sherry iced tea instead. You might not be able to have more than one, but it will certainly set you straight for the rest of the day.


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