2/25/2013 03:57:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Tonkotsu Ramen from Turtle To-Go

Tan Tan Men ramen at Slurping Turtle

An acceptable bowl of ramen must contain rich broth, tender but not mushy noodles, an artful selection of add-ons such as pork belly, mushrooms and egg. Mess with any one of these components and jeopardize the merit of not only the ramen, but also the chef preparing it. When that chef is Takashi Yagihashi, put money on that ramen being perfect. At his noodle bar, Slupring Turle, ramen is done several ways, but never served to-go. That is until recently when he, along with chef Aaron Cuschieri, perfected the ability to transport their noodles.

We got the tonkotsu to-go this weekend, noodles made in house were served with braised pork shoulder and wood ear mushrooms in a pork broth. The key to carryout noodles is packing the broth separately. That way the noodles do not absorb the liquid in transport. Takashi would never allow his noodles to be served soggy, whether in his restaurant or in the comfort of your home or office. Take note for next time (312-464-0466).


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