2/22/2013 05:00:00 AM

Best London Turkish Restaurants

There's more to Turkish food than just kebabs (although those are pretty good too). Here are London's five best 'Turkish delights' as voted for by you in the 2013 London Restaurants Survey.

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  1. Im sorry but Efes has gone downhill since the sad death of its main chef and owner, Kazan is overpriced for what it is and Haz isnt much more than a chain/theme offering. I am Turkish and there are very few establishments that I would eat at for Turkish Food! The Main one being GOKYUZU in Haringey.....this is the BEST TURKISH RESTAURANT IN LONDON HANDS DOWN....The Meat is exquisite, the Service is superb and the Prices are A LOT LESS than any of these 5 offerings. But Make sure you book in advance OR are prepared to wait an hour for a table as the Queues are VERY LONG!!!!