2/08/2013 05:04:00 PM

Beat the Snow at McCrossen’s Tavern and Doc Magrogan’s This Weekend

Philly probably won’t get blizzard-level snow from Nemo - whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to personal preference - but there are a couple of events that will make riding out the few inches that do fall all the more fun.

On Saturday, Dogfish Head beers are taking over the taps at Fairmount's McCrossen’s Tavern from 5-7 PM, and the lineup includes some heavy hitters that will take the sting out of any freeze. Sip on World Wide Stout, a dark ale with a variable ABV that can be as at 20% (seriously, this will get you buzzier than a martini), Bitches Brew, 120 Minute IPA, Noble Rot and Olde School Barleywine as you rev up for a dinner of chef Townsend Wentz’ food.

Sunday, make your way Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House (either the West Philly or West Chester locations), because - as promised - the seafooder is offering deals on snow crabs since the forecast calls for snow. From 3 PM-midnight you can crack open an unlimited quantity of the crustacean for $19.95 per person.


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