2/26/2013 10:16:00 AM

Barrel-Crazy Cocktail and Beer Dinner at Lemon Hill and Alla Spina

We're going to try to explain, and bear with us, because once you get the gist of what Fairmount’s Lemon Hill and North Broad’s Alla Spina have done, you’ll want to rush to snap up a ticket. In simplest terms, the two restaurants are hosting a collaboration beer dinner next week, but one that’s split between the two locations. You start at Lemon Hill for hors d’oeuvres, then are Uber-taxied over to Alla Spina for two more courses plus dessert.

Sounds fun enough on its own, but there’s more, and Yards Brewing Co. is involved (beer!). Yards made a beer aged in a Woodford Reserve barrel as part of their regular brewing process. Then Tom Kehoe and his crew handed over the barrel to Keith Raimondi and Steve Wildy. The Lemon Hill and Alla Spina GMs mixed up a huge batch of Vieux Carre, and aged the drink in that bourbon-beer barrel.

After the cocktail had soaked up enough flavor from the wood, it was removed, and the barrel went back to Yards for a second go round. Yards filled it with Tavern Spruce Ale, and let that sit and take in all the Vieux Carre flavor left in the wood to create a special barrel-aged version of the beer.

At the dinner, you’ll get to try every part of this slightly absurd but certainly creative process. In addition to all the food, your $75 ticket includes a classic Vieux Carre cocktail, the special bourbon-beer-barrel-aged Vieux Carre cocktail, the classic Tavern Spruce Ale and the special bourbon-beer-cocktail-barrel-aged Old Square Spruce.

The mid-course Uber ride is also included, so no need worry about tossing back all the liquid creativity. Was the barrel-swapping effort worth it? That’s for your tastebuds to decide (6:30 PM, Tuesday, March 5; tickets here) .


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