2/26/2013 10:31:00 AM

Artisans in Austin: Rock Star Bagels

Before Rock Star Bagels, mornings in this city made many people sad. You could find croissants at Upper Crust Bakery and eggs at the Omlettry, but the imitation bagels we called authentic were, shall we say, lacking. That’s where Joe Humel came in.

“I had a pretty strong opinion about bagels when I moved here,” says the New York native. “I would still eat them pretty much daily, but it was out of necessity of putting cheap food in my belly.” After he discovered breakfast tacos, he thought he’d never go back, but he “didn’t feel like the bagel should be left out because of quality.”

So he brought his regional wisdom to Austin with Rock Star Bagels, in 2009. The company has garnered thousands of fans, many of whom define life as “before bagel” and “after bagel.” And we can see why: The almost crisp exterior belies an airy, doughy interior and slight sweetness reminiscent of the Northeast. Make it Texan with some Round Rock honey or Pure Luck goat cheese and smoked salmon.

Rock Star currently bakes out of Cenote coffee shop, but you can find the bagels at grocery stores like Wheatsville and restaurants and coffee shops like Hillside Farmacy and Once Over.

 Cenote Coffee, 1010 E. Cesar Chavez


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