2/01/2013 01:48:00 PM

Applebee's Fires Server For Posting Pastor Receipt, Pastor Apologizes

Image via Flickr/Roadsidepictures
Remember that Applebee's receipt Reddit posted a few days ago which featured the infamous message, "I give God 10%, why should you get 18?" Oh yeah, that one. Well the fall-out from the viral receipt scandal has cost the employee who posted it her job. Server Chelsea Welch was outed for posting the receipt and then tried to get everyone else involved fired as well, without success. Check out the official statement Applebee's posted on the firing right here. What's more, Pastor Alois Bell, the woman who is responsible for the snide gratuity snub in the first place has come forward to apologize: "My heart is really broken. I've brought embarrassment to my church and my ministry." [TSG and Gawker]


  1. You make it sound as if the server who was fired is trying to get everyone else fired... check your wording...

  2. Because God always wants to make sure you atone for your sins and audacity....

    Pastor knows best....


  3. That pastor should be fucking ashamed. Fucking scumbag. What kind of dirtbag would not leave a tip. Fucking scumbag!

  4. Sad to say this is not a unique incident. People exactly like this pastor, who are ill-tempered, demanding, and flat out rude to their servers, continually do this everyday in restaurants all over. Funny how a check for 8 people comes out to only $34.93. They probably made the girl wait there for 10 minutes while she took their order of the cheapest things on the menu (unless she had some illegitimate complaint and had things taken off the bill to make it that cheap, which is likely the case; or had her separate the check, which is even more work) and then went on to sit there for an hour or two, depriving the server of other patrons that might actually sit down at that table, be pleasant, and leave an 18-20% tip.

    Let me guess: she sat down, interrupted you during your "greet" (or didn't make any eye contact with you while you spoke to her, staring only at the menu, annoyed by your very presence), asked for the sweetest drink you have (some sort of flavored tea or neon-colored frozen alcoholic beverage), asked for a mug of hot water to dip her silverware in (because you are dirty), and asked for her steak/burger well done and then asks why it's taking so long, analyzes the bill for 5 minutes after you drop it off, not only stiffs you but writes a nasty comment on the cc receipt, and then is astonished that someone might actually call her out on her deplorable behavior that is, of course, "a lapse in judgment." Yea, ok.

  5. Pastor Alois Bell said nothing on her extended interview with Fox2 St. Louis about calling Applebee's and asking them to rescind the layoff of Chelsea Welch. That would be genuine atonement, but Pastor Bell acted as though there was nothing she could do about it after her demand that everyone in the restaurant that day be fired started the process she now claims to regret.

  6. Honestly, this is a scummy thing to do by the pastor, but I am tired of servers and other folks who rely on tips (im looking at you poker dealers around America) to EXPECT superior tipping for normal service. 15% is a normal tip, 18/20% is generous and it is very rare for me to go much above 20% in situations where the person isnt actually touching me (think hair cutting).

    Why servers and others in the service industry think they are entitled to more than 20-25 bucks an hr is beyond me......they need to understand the new economy is here to stay and they should be happy to be able to leverage meager skills into a living wage.

    Sorry, that is how I feel.