2/26/2013 01:14:00 PM

Ale Syndicate and Arcade Brewery Find a Home in The Green Exchange

Just in time for St. Particks Day, Ale Syndicate and Arcade Brewery announced they are opening a brewery in Logan Square’s Green Exchange. The Green Exchange’s mission is to promote a green economy by proving workspace for sustainable small businesses. Current tenants include Rishi Tea, WeFarm America and Purple Asparagus.

Ale Syndicate, formerly New Chicago, planned to open their brewery in The Plant. The Plant, located in an old meatpacking building, will houses a vertical farm, brewery and other food business with the goal of using reusable energy produced within the facility. The deal fell through, but the brewers found a new eco-friendly space along with a new name and partnership.

The brewery will be located west of the Green Exchange’s campus. They plan on opening later this year, but in the meantime are working with Big Chicago and Galena brewery to release their first beers next month. Their Municipal IPA and Sunday Session will be the first in the brewery’s profile of bold beers.


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