2/12/2013 09:11:00 AM

R2L Makes a Cheesesteak Eclair for Tony Luke, Jr.

According to his website he’s also an “actor, musician and entertainer,” but Tony Luke, Jr. is best known for his cheesesteaks. From the original Tony Luke’s on Oregon Avenue to stands in the sports stadiums to a line of frozen cheesesteaks in supermarkets, the man is a cheesesteak mogul. So what do you serve him for dessert? In the 37th floor dining room of R2L, the clever answer was a cheesesteak eclair.

Peter Scarola is a talented pastry chef - he was just picked to receive a StarChefs Rising Star Award - and you have to admit his sweet course is a dead ringer for Philly’s famous sandwich. The “steak” is actually brownies rolled into a thin sheet and torn apart, and the cheese is a few chunks of white chocolate, melted in place with a blow torch. It’s all placed inside a traditional cream puff eclair baked with a crunchy topping.

Even more impressive is it was a spur-of-the-moment creation. “I found out earlier in the day Tony Luke, Jr. was coming in,” he tells us, “and we always like to have little surprises for our special guests. For example, when the Flyers came for dinner, not only was their roast brought to the table atop two hockey sticks, their dessert was chocolate hockey pucks.

If you’re interested in the cheesesteak eclair for your occasion, just let the restaurant know in advance. You can get a half dozen of the fun desserts for $18 (215-564-5337).


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