2/27/2013 10:29:00 AM

5 Questions for Burger Bash Champ Bobby Flay

While down in Miami this weekend we bent the ear of Burger Bash champ and food TV OG Bobby Flay for three minutes. We chatted to him about his new talk show with Giada, burger techniques and more briefly right before the party got crazy. Check out the dialogue below.

Zagat: You've been on food TV so long, is the "stand and stir" type show on the decline and are things going more toward talk shows/reality shows? I know you're working on a talk show with Giada.

BF: That's a great question. I never know where things are going. I'm not a very good trendsetter and I'm not good at predicting trends. I try to feel what people are really looking for and I try to do it really well. I would love to do a talk show with Giada because we have a really good chemistry. We can talk about a lot of things like food and lifestyle but we can talk about being parents. We're both married, I've been divorced a few times. There's a lot of things we can talk about besides cooking behind a stove.

Zagat: What are the burger techniques that you are consider essential?

BF: Two things - cooking your burger on a flat top as opposed to a grill and melting the cheese completely. 

Zagat: Bobby's Burger Palace I know is expanding to Cincinnati, any other plans for expansion?

BF: We're going to open one here in the Dadeland Mall about 20 minutes from here and we're looking at Potomac Mills Mall in Virginia as well.

Zagat: Which Miami restaurants do you love?

BF: I love Cecconi's at the Soho House, Casa Tua, Prime Steak, anything Michelle Bernstein does and Joe's Stone Crab of course.

Zagat: What else are you working on right now?

BF: I have some stuff going on...I'm this close to being able to talk about it...but not just yet.


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