2/26/2013 04:27:00 PM

5 Austin Ice Cream Shops with Vegan Treats

A creamy concoction from Lick Ice Creams
With the announcement today about the first Pinkberry store coming to our fair city, we started thinking about our vegan friends. Austin's almost-year-round scorching temperatures and vegan-friendly culture have led to a plethora of frozen treats besides traditional ice cream and frozen yogurt. Whether you're looking for soft-serve, a shake or an ice cream sandwich, these five shops deliver the finest vegan ice cream around.

Note: We originally listed the Toy Joy Cafe as a vegan ice cream shop. It has recently stopped serving ice cream, and we have edited the story accordingly. We apologize for the error.


  1. Give me a lower fat fruit ice from Amy's Ice Creams, please!

  2. Uggh, have you been to Sweet Ritual? There's nothing worse than fake ice cream that makes you wish for the real stuff. So many better options that taste good, and actually make you happy to be vegan.

  3. Thanks for highlighting vegan ice cream options in Austin! I'm a huge fan of Sweet Ritual, Thai Fresh and Lick ice creams. Unfortunately the ice cream portion of Toy Joy has closed, so that's no longer an option, but you can add Tutti Frutti to the list. Their South Austin location has a soy flavor that is vegan, and a lot of the toppings are vegan too. You can also find vegan ice cream at Ice Cream Social. The trailer has a few rotating vegan flavors.

  4. Right you are, Marie at Red Hot Vegans. We just checked with Toy Joy and have updated the story. Thanks for pointing that out!