2/19/2013 04:09:00 PM

12 Cult-Favorite Restaurants With Crazy-Devoted Fans

Have you ever waited in line at Pink's?

Restaurants with a cult following are just like movies, TV shows and bands: fans will do anything to get what they want. There is no line too long for a plate of chicken 'n' waffles, or a Double Double animal-style with well-done fries. Here are 12 spots where the waits can be excruciating, but the food is always worth it. Have one for the list? Let us know - and your tips for when to go - in the comments.


  1. Ramen is wonderful and I can't wait until it's not popular anymore and the young folk move on to some other fad so I don't have to wait an hour at all the ramen places in town.

  2. Those "potato balls" are called "papa rellenas" and are a staple of Cuban cuisine. They're not original to Portos; my grandmother would make them for me every day as a child. Hearing them called "potato balls" makes me shudder. Would you call sushi "fish and seaweed rolls"? No.

    A little research doesn't hurt every now and then.

  3. Drink Deal Daily says thanks for giving us some places to check out while we go bar to bar to bar preparing for our launch there this summer. Sound like a lot of them come with a wait, so we will have to make sure to have a "Coupons for Cocktails" drink before we get in line.
    Adam Dopps - www.drinkdealdaily.com

  4. To the person who said "you wouldn't call sushi fish and seaweed rolls"...well you wouldn't because the word sushi actually just refers to the rice. So you do you research and leave writing to the writers.