2/19/2013 12:18:00 PM

12 Cult-Favorite Restaurants in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is officially restaurant obsessed. Food ventures are dissected, discussed and debated months before they even launch, and blogs report chef comings and goings by the hour. Several spots inspire true devotion from their fans, so much that seats are near impossible to score, and specialty items sell out regularly. What are the hottest of these hot spots? Check out a dozen Philly cult faves in the slide show below.

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  1. I was enjoying my usual salt & pepper wings w/ a friend, until a roach fell on our table from the ceiling. SMH, those wings were good. Now when I think of Davids I think of Roach Wings. Unfreakinbelievable as soon as I found some good fried wings I got to let it go. If theirs roaches in the dining room, who knows whats in the kitchen. SMH!!!