2/07/2013 04:00:00 PM

12 Best Gastropubs Around LA

Koreatown's Beer Belly
By definition, a true gastropub is basically a bar or pub with great food. Of course, the word has been bandied about so much over the last few years it's almost lost its original meaning, but the idea of a casual neighborhood spot that offers great drinks, really good food and an overall convivial vibe isn't lost on us - or Zagat voters. Here, then, are their top 12 picks for best gastropubs around LA, from the San Gabriel foothills to the South Bay. Is your favorite missing? Lay it on in the comments.


  1. Freddy Smalls didn't make this list? Really? I think you missed the best one!

  2. Haven Gastropub's (in Pasadena) Lamb Burger is off the charts good!

  3. Simmzys in mb tavern on 2 long beach

  4. Outstanding menu, reasonably priced and very inviting patio seating.
    The wine list is quite extensive. Waiting staff is the best. Certainly a place to go again.