1/17/2013 02:52:00 PM

Zama Debuts "Rice-less" Sushi

If you're still clinging to those resolutions and trying to eat healthier, Rittenhouse Square's Zama has a solution. While compared to hearty stews, fondues and other winter fare sushi seems pretty light, if you want to make it even more diet-friendly, chef Zama is preparing a combination of five types of sushi with vegetable wraps (think tuna wrapped in daikon, snapper wrapped in cucumber, yellowtail wrapped in carrot etc.) served with a quinoa chirashi with shitake mushrooms, pickled ginger, and fresh water eel and shrimp with eel sauce. Each order comes with two pieces of the five varieties along with the chirashi, meaning if you want to even be more health conscious, you could always share the dish with a friend ($32; 215-568-1027).


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