1/10/2013 09:58:00 AM

Yuengling Introduces BBQ and Wing Sauce Made From Beer

America’s oldest brewery is getting into something new. A line of BBQ and wing sauces that use Yuengling beer as an ingredient are set to hit shelves in PA early this year. Developed in conjunction with licensing company All-N-Food, the sauces are designed to complement Yuengling brews, and come in three different BBQ flavors and three hot sauce spice levels.

All-N-Food vice president Brent Wertz is responsible for the recipes (he’s also executive chef at Farmington, PA’s Nemacolin Woodlands Resort). Each sauce was vetted by brewery president Dick Yuengling, to make sure the food products live up to the same standards as the company’s well-known and much-loved lagers.

Look for Yuengling sauces at area Food Lions in time to use them to make Super Bowl snacks. After the initial rollout in PA, OH, NC, SC and VA, the sauces will be available up and down the East Coast, as well as in the gift shop at the Pottsville brewery. Check out the flavor descriptions released by the company below.

Yuengling Traditional Barbecue Sauce (Lager)
An intense sauce that is full of flavor, well balanced and excitingly unique. This tomato-based sauce has a great balance between earthy tomato, vinegar and garden fresh flavors like garlic and onion.

Yuengling Hickory Smoked Barbecue Sauce (Porter)
A variation of the Yuengling BBQ sauce diversifying a traditional barbeque flavor with a smoky but not overpowering addition, resulting in a slightly tart balance with subtle sweetness.

Yuengling Honey Barbecue Sauce (Black & Tan)
A combination of flavors highlighting a subtle honey sweetness while maintaining the Yuengling BBQ sauce core elements of tomato, vinegar and fresh flavors of the garden.

Yuengling Mild Wing Sauce (Light Lager)
A great balance of full butter, vinegar and garlic flavors to round out a very balanced sauce, concentrating not only on the flavor but also the heat.

Yuengling Medium Wing Sauce (Lager)
A perfect balance of heat, slight sweetness, butter and garlic flavor, finishing with a pallet cleansing burst of vinegar.

Yuengling Hot Wing Sauce (Lager)
A hearty blast of heat, slight sweetness, and a vinegar finish to help cool down the experience. A vibrant mix of peppers allows the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the tasting process.


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