1/20/2013 01:40:00 PM

Winners and Losers of the Week

Image via ABC
From new Girl Scout cookies to an inch-short Subway footlong, check out five of this week's winners and losers below!

Winner - Nigella Lawson

The domestic goddess shared on her blog this week that she refused airbrushing of her tummy in ads for her upcoming ABC show, The Taste. We regard this as pretty much the most awesome thing we've ever heard.

Loser - Girl Scout Nutrifusion Cookie
Whoopi Goldberg taste-tested the new Mango Creme Girl Scout cookie the other day on The View which contains a seemingly made up ingredient called Nutrifusion (made from mushrooms and fruits) Her reaction: "I can't swallow it. I don't have a tissue," pretty much speaks for itself. Sorry, cookie.

Winner - Subway 

PO'd Australian teen Matt Corby caused quite the ruckus by complaining that his footlong Subway sandwich was an inch too short. Subway's response? "The term Footlong is not intended to be a measurement of length." At this point, the sandwich giant can get away with saying just about anything.

Loser - UK Burger Meat consumers
One of this week's biggest stories was the discovery of horse DNA inside frozen hamburger patties sold in Ireland and the UK. Further investigating revealed that the horse DNA likely came from additives that were mixed in with te meat. Either way -  we feel bad for both the horsies and the people who unknowingly ate it.

Winner - Sheldon from Top Chef Seattle
The Top Chef toque pulled out the win for his team on Restaurant Wars with his prawn Miki and pork adobo dish, sending Kristen packing.


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