1/27/2013 11:00:00 AM

Winners and Losers of the Week: Food World Edition

Winner: ABC's The Taste

This new food-centric reality show delivered in the ratings department during its debut episode, winning its time slot and helping ABC win the night. The series features blind taste tests and has been likened to NBC's The Voice. There's one thing we can't figure out: how did they manage to attract so many viewers without those cool chairs that spin around?

Loser: The Dude Who Went to Jail For Forgetting His Wallet at A Restaurant

When a tourist rang up a $200 bill at an NYC restaurant, he realized he forgot his wallet and was quickly sent to the slammer. His request to the police to "swing by the ATM and pick ups some bail money" was also denied.

Winner: Subway Customers

Two clowns from New Jersey filed a lawsuit against the Subway sandwich chain after they measured a bunch of "foot long" subs and found that they didn't actually add up to 12 inches. The chain responded by saying that they would insure that all of their subs actually reached the foot mark. More inches for everyone!

Loser: Serial Exaggerators

If the lawsuit is successful, does that mean there will be a rush of litigation against other people who, ahem, exaggerate about size? There better not be if the courts want to get anything else done.

Winner: Coyote Ugly

The NYC location of the international chain (and the locale that started the bar-dancing craze) turned 20 years old this weekend. If we have to tell you what the revelers did to celebrate, you clearly have been living in a cave for the past two decades (hint: it involved lots of whiskey).


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