1/17/2013 10:11:00 AM

Win His Heart With Humor From Whipped Bakeshop

If you really care about your sweetie, it’s not too early to start thinking about a great Valentine’s Day gift. If you subscribe to the school of thought that the best present you can give is a laugh, Whipped Bakeshop has you covered. Bakemaster ZoĆ« Lukas and crew have come up with several sets of cookies that go beyond boring chocolates.

Have a crazed carnivore in your life? Get your order in now for the "Man Meat" gift box, which features six cookies in shapes of bacon strips, ham hocks and hearts with messages like “Let’s Pork.” Breakfast fiend? Go with “You’re the Bacon to my Eggs”  - the heart cookies are decorated to look like those two morning faves.

Get cheeky with a set that starts with a cookie designed after a formal invitation... to a party in your pants. (Said pants are presented as another cookie, along with some zippered hearts). Or lay it all on the table with the “Horny for You” box, complete with adorably cute horned dinosaurs and a unicorn.

The cookie boxes run $20-$36, and can be ordered on Etsy here or by calling the Fishtown bakery. Never underestimate the seduction of a smile (215-598-5449).


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