1/07/2013 03:07:00 PM

Why Fresh Is Best: A New Way To Buy Brews at The Beer Temple

On every six-pack of beer sold at The Beer Temple, a new beer store in Avondale, there is a white sticker. The ones that usually display a dollar sign, but these only display digits. The number is the date on which the beer was bottled. It’s a product of owner, and certified ciceron, Chris Quinn’s goal to sell the freshest beer to those willing to make the trip to buy it.

It’s the same logic that makes beer nerds flock to breweries’ taprooms. Beer, drank from the source, maintains the profile designed by the brewers. Similar to ordering your favorite restaurant dish to go, some beers loose their intensity sitting in a bottle. According to Quinn, who also hosts a beer-focused podcast, beers with hoppier profiles and lagers suffer most from sitting on the shelf.

Quinn took a few precautions at the store, which boasts about 400 varieties of beer, to ensure he is only selling the best. A UV coating was installed on the windows as well as LED lights in the displays and coolers to prevent skunking. The beers are stored on two walls lines with shelves, as well as a cooler lining the back of the store. Quinn plans to install a second cooler to store products as they arrive.

The fresh beer logic only hold true for certain brews, others such as barrel-aged stouts, barleywine and sour beers can be aged. If the store thrives, Quinn intends to offer vertical packages of certain beers. The beer temple will stock it all from local craft to rare Belgian varieties and a few difficult-to-find bottles such as Bourbon County Coffee, Descutes Hop Henge and Three Floyds.

Every day, free tastings are held at the counter made from reclaimed Bourbon County Rare barrels. Or, take the opportunity to sample several of The Beer Temple’s best offerings at their grand opening party in a few weeks. In addition to beer, the store, which opened yesterday, also sells select wines and spirits.

3185 N. Elston Ave.