1/25/2013 12:33:00 PM

Two Truths and a Lie: David Katz of Creekstone Farms (and Mémé)

In the five years that it was open, David Katz’ unassuming Fitler Square BYO Mémé gained a cult following for food on par with the city's fanciest dining rooms. After declining to renew the lease on the restaurant last year (disappointing many fans), he took a position with Creekstone Farms, the Angus beef purveyors who provide most of the meat distributed by Pat LaFrieda.

We caught up with Katz via e-mail to see how the new job was going, and find out whether he misses being behind the line. (Spoiler: nope.) We found out he’s being promoted to corporate chef at the new company, and also came up with a few interesting facts about him. Two of the following things are true. One is a complete lie. Which is which?

Here’s some more news on the beef side of things.

Zagat: What are the main differences between running a restaurant and doing what you do now?
David Katz: The main differences are a lot less stress and a lot more sleep.

Zagat: Are there drawbacks to being in sales instead of behind the line?
DK: No drawbacks, really. Being behind the line was starting to get pretty tiring and killing my feet!

Zagat: Anything you were surprised to find out or learn from your new position?
DK: What I was surprised to find out the most so far is the pricing. If chefs think they’re getting taken for a ride on the price of beef, they are wrong.

Zagat: Do you get to use your cooking skills at Creekstone at all?
DK: I got to once so far, at a show in Vegas, but I am becoming the corporate chef for Creekstone Farms as well, so my services or skills will likely be called on some more in the future.

Zagat: Is there another restaurant in your future?
DK: Of course you never know what will happen, but as it is I have no plans to open another restaurant - or work in another restaurant - for the foreseeable future. I'm happy with my new life and Creekstone Farms is a great company to be involved with.


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