1/29/2013 12:52:00 PM

The Top Italian Restaurants in 25 U.S. Cities

Giovanni's Ristorante, Cleveland
Italian Food Week is in full effect - in fact, we've just released the results of our first-ever Italian Food Survey! Check those out right here. Next up, we've rounded up the top Italian eateries in 25 U.S. cities according to our Surveys in each market. Check out the top spot for Italian in a town near you in the slide show below. And don't forget to let us know what you think on social media using hashtag #ItalianFoodWeek.


  1. Grandma's might not always be best? Maybe that grandma uses Ragu or some such thing. If you've had good Italian home cooking, you would never say such a thing. Maybe not all Italian grandmothers were good cooks. But mine were, as was my mother, father, aunts, uncles and cousins. We could out cook any "chef" we ever encountered.

  2. What does it take for the Phoenix area to get any notice? There are some amazing Italian restaurants here.

  3. KUDOs to Zagats for getting out of the comfort zone of the usual 8 cities they go to.

    I might disagree with some of the choices, but heck, the cities are big, and I prefer the Hill in St Louis and Little Italy in NYC. I understand about Phoenix and Denver, but at least they went to more than the usual places.


  4. As a zagat surveyor since 1988 as well as a New York City lifetime Italian American Resident I strongly question who was included in this survey. It certainly does not reflect thoe of us who grew up on great homemade Italian food. My wife and I have eaten in over 1,000 Italian restaurants over the past 24 years and find the surveyors must have grown up on a limited Italian diet. No mention of the great Italian restaurants like Bamontes in Brooklyn, Enzos in the Bronz, Ponticello in Queens and with the the exception of the terrific Lydia and Joe Bastinich restaurants, only the yuppie palaces in Manhattan Speaking of Mario Batali, we ate at Roccos in the village when he was really cookig as well as Po in the village. We have not seen him anywhere outside of TV for the last few years with the exception of catching him eating a slice of pizza on Third Ave and 21st street on his way home. If it were not for Lidia and Joe who really work their restaurants Mario would be home in Oregon with the rest of the huge Oregon Italian population.