1/14/2013 10:28:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Po Kok Gai at Fat Rice

There a dishes that not only satisfy hunger, but satisfy the soul. This weekend may have brought unseasonably warm weather, but the Portuguese chicken at Fat Rice is a dish to gather around on a cold night. The mere act of dipping the ladle into the ceramic bowl filled with chicken, shrimp, chorizo in a mild curry sauce is comforting to say the least.

Sure, small plates are meant to be shared. But guess what else is designed for sharing: a large pot of slow cooked meats. It is served with a side of coconut rice and ideally split between two to four guests. Fight your friends over the honor of divvying up the goods. We did and were rewarded with chicken that falls apart into a creamy broth. Rather than hoarding all of the delicious offerings, we equally distributed the flavorful chicken, spicy chorizo and perfectly prepared mussels over the sweet rice.

Fat Rice, which opened late last year, serves the rarely recognized cuisine of Macau, China. Co-owner and general manager Adrian Lo mans the front of the house, while co-owner and executive chef Abraham Colon runs the kitchen. The small space, which seats about 30, is cozy with influences of the region that also inspired the cuisine. The entire menu is driven by the bold flavors and exotic ingredients that drew us to the Po Kok Gai. Other must-try dinner options are the arroz gordo, piri piri chicken, and fat noodles with xo sauce.

Word is spreading quickly about the no-reservations Logan Square gem. So, go during the week, or expect an hour wait for a table on the weekend. Lucky diners like us may also snag a spot at the bar, which served a few select cocktails and beer, but also offers a peek into the open kitchen where Colon and his team work their culinary magic.


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