1/24/2013 10:23:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Rye Bread Cake at Aamanns-Copenhagen

NYC's only Danish restaurant, Aamanns-Copenhagen, (the NYC offshoot of the Denmark original) has been open for two months on the corner of Laight in Canal in Tribeca and specializes in a type of Danish open-face sandwich called smørrebrød. The sandwiches are made with a special rye bread that's housemade by chef Adam Aamann-Christensen and piled with a variety of toppings including beef tartare, pate, a few types of pickled herring and more. But one of the most unique dishes we sampled was the dessert made from pieces of the rye bread which were adorned with pickled blueberries, blood orange supremes and white chocolate. It's one of the most interesting desserts we've had in recent memory - the combination of flavors is probably unlike anything you've ever tasted and can we just say "hell yes" to pickling blueberries.


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