1/30/2013 06:19:00 PM

Teensy Mignon Wine Bar Launches New Bistro Menu Tonight

Santos Uy opened the diminutive Mignon Wine Bar right next to Cole's in downtown's Historic Core in 2001, but since then he's added more design - deeply hued blue walls and vintage paintings have since replaced the wacky tie art - and more than cheese to the menu. There's always been sandwiches and snacky things like warm dates or mac and cheese, and the Knackig sausage pop-up still serves German wursts on the weekends. But now there's a fuller bistro menu courtesy chef Tim Carey, the chef from Uy's other venture, the charming Papilles in Hollywood, and it debuts tonight.

Some of Carey's rustic dishes include ouefs en cocotte (baked eggs with leeks and cream) along with pork shoulder stew, short ribs with vegetables, charcuterie, cheeses and dessert. You can order a la carte or as a three-course taster (app, entree, dessert or cheese) for $29. Check it out below.

Les Entrees ($8)
*Ouefs en Cocotte: Baked eggs, leeks, cream (add chorizo $2)

*Pate de Campagne, mustard, cornichons

*Okame spinach, pea tendrils, nasturtium, lemon Smoked fish plate

Les Plats ($18)
Garbure: pork shoulder stew with ham hocks, cabbage, parsnips, carrot and leek

Braised short ribs, carrots, turnips

Extras ($6)
Macaroni gratin
Nuts & Olives
Warm dates, olive oil, fleur de sel

Desserts ($7)
Lucie’s Cake

Charcuterie ($5 each, $12 for 3)
Prosciutto, speck, mortadella, saucisson sec, bresaola, chorizo

Les Fromage ($5 each, $12 for 3, $18 for 5)
Paski Sir, Ossau Iraty, Limburger, Brillat Savarin, Pawlet, Quadrello, Cana di Cabra, Abrigo, Bayley Hazen, Bleu des Basques

*Starred items are $5 during happy hour


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