1/29/2013 09:55:00 AM

Taste Test: The Big Gay Ice Cream's New Breakfast Pastries

On Monday, Big Gay Ice Cream's West Village branch launched a new line of breakfast pastries, as well as a custom Big Gay Blend coffee by Roasting Plant and extended store hours (it now opens at 7 AM, for commuters and party people who haven't been to bed yet). We decided to pop over to the store to check out the new breakfast offerings - and see if they could possibly live up to the glory that is the Salty Pimp cone.

First of all, the coffee is excellent. It's rich, flavorful and slightly sweet, without any bitterness or acidity - the kind of coffee you can drink black even if you're not a person who usually drinks coffee black. After a few sips, we were tempted to grab a bag of ground Big Gay Blend to go.

Editor's Note: Awwwww
The pastries are slightly more hit-or-miss. The program, which is overseen by Fany Gerson of La Newyorkina, includes donuts, breakfast empanadas and adorable pastries shaped like animals' heads. We sampled the Pastry Piggy, a pigs' head filled with ham, cheese and pesto. It looked incredibly cute coming out on the plate, but the second we put our fork in it, it crumbled apart. And while the filling was tasty, the ratio of filling to pastry dough was way off. As in: too much pastry, not enough ham and cheese.

The breakfast empanada, on the other hand, was a real winner. Stuffed with guava jam and cheese, it fell somewhere in between sweet and savory - and while there was still a lot of pastry to contend with, the proportions were better than the Pastry Piggy. We had ours cold, but we'd recommend getting it heated up and eating it on the go with a cup of the Big Gay Blend - it'll add a bit of rainbow to your morning commute.


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