1/08/2013 03:05:00 PM

Tableside Tea Service at...Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?

When a kid takes a barista job at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, bet they didn't know they'd have have to pour tea at a table for a customer. Well, they actually won't have to, but the Southern California-born coffee chain (older than Starbucks but not as big) is now offering "tableside tea service" at 10 locations throughout Los Angeles for its 50th anniversary. What you get: a pot of loose leaf tea "harvested from the world's most exclusive tea growing estates" and two small pastries for around $6. So you still have to wait under the Pick Up Here sign for your goodies, but now you have a fancy tray to carry to your table. Find the deal at stores in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, several in LA, and the new Tea Bar concept in Manhattan Beach.

Additionally, this Thursday (Jan. 10) from 2-6 PM get 50-cent "heritage" beverages like the English Toffee Latte, which was one of the first specialty flavors the company served in the 60s, and Ice Blended at participating stores throughout California.

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