1/03/2013 04:02:00 PM

Starbucks Unveils $1 Reusable Coffee Cups

Image via Starbucks
By Kelly Dobkin
Java giant Starbucks is pulling a "Whole Foods" and rolling out $1 reusable coffee tumblers today at its locations nationwide. Use of the reusable cup will offer a dime discount for each refill so the tumbler will pay for itself after 10 uses. Obviously this is the company's reaction to criticism it has faced over the amount of trash and litter use of its products has generated. Note also that Starbucks staff will also clean your cup for you before each use. [USA Today via Consumerist]


  1. Yes, when I went yesterday I purchased one for every coworker who placed an order for our long night shift! I refilled in the same cup before returning to work tonight.

  2. War is the re-usable cup made out of? Is it BPA free? Come with a lid? Reusable for a long time?

  3. If someone has an infectious disease, hands re-usable cup to a barista who is making 5 other lattes at rush hour, when does the barista have time to wash hands and continue making uncontaminated lattes? I support the notion of going green but when it comes to public safety, we should weigh our options. In as much as I hate the waste in using paper cups and their impact on the environment, they are the more sanitary option for the public. I once saw some sneeze, rub his nose, and hand his cup to the barista. When I kindly asked the barista to wash his hands before making my coffee, I was the rude one. Go figure! I still go to Starbucks but reheat my coffee and use a different cup because the baristas put their whole palm and press down on the cover when sealing the coffee...that has always grossed me out as well. And that lid is where my mouth would go if I hadn't seen the sneezing customer. Although, I do have to commend Starbucks for making sure that the person handling the dirtiest thing, money, isn't the one making your coffee as is the case at most Dunkin Donuts. Can $1 cure hepatitis, the flu, etc? #JustWondering