1/25/2013 10:17:00 AM

Spoiler Alert: Ming Tsai Reveals Blue Dragon Dessert

Ming Tsai
Okay, truth be told someone on the Blue Ginger staff spilled the beans. But we asked that person to. They were just doing their job.

In our interview with Ming Tsai about his Blue Dragon Asian gastropub opening in Fort Point Channel, he was coy - he said the restaurant would serve only one dessert but wouldn’t disclose what it is. Click through to find out.

Turns out its a cookie (we don’t have photos yet, but we trust you can use your imagination.) It’s a housemade chocolate chip cookie served warm in a skillet, topped with Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream. “The whole idea is sharing,” said Tsai. “If you got a fast eater, you’re not going to get a bite of that.”


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