1/09/2013 05:31:00 PM

Spice Table Adds Brunch This Weekend + the Menu

Ng stokes the fires for brunch
Bryant Ng's Spice Table might still have to move from its Little Tokyo locale sometime in the future, but that doesn't mean he has to stop cooking. This weekend the Food & Wine Best New Chef adds a new Saturday brunch menu, including dishes like beef rendang hash and eggs, biscuits with lamb bacon gravy, crab wonton noodle soup and scallop congee. There's even a donut version of Kaya toast made with a pandan glaze. We still lament the loss of the catfish banh mi, which had to go away when flooding damaged the baking equipment necessary for making the amazing bread Ng used, but we'll settle for that crazy-good Spice Table burger. There's a new beverage menu, too, including traditional milk tea and bottomless mimosas. Check out the menu below. Brunch is served Saturdays from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

Egg Dishes
(Served with 2 eggs, breakfast potatoes, toast & coconut-pineapple preserve)
Beef shortrib hash 11
Biscuits & lamb bacon gravy 10
Creamed kale 9
Nueske bacon 10
Grilled sausage 10
Grilled hanger steak (6oz) 16

Brunch Items
Cured salmon (English muffin, cucumber, pickled red onion, fried capers, salmon roe cream cheese) 14 French toast (palm sugar syrup) 9
Granola (yogurt, seasonal fruit) 7
Bowl of seasonal fruit 6
Gem salad (herbs, pomelo) 7
The Spice Table cheeseburger (ground short rib, sambal, shallot mayo, Kraft American cheese, garlic fries) 13
The kaya doughnut (coconut jam glaze) 3

Asian Specialties
Crab wonton noodle soup (pork belly char siu, fish roe, chile oil) 11
Dried scallop congee (raw scallop, bacon) 11
Kaya toast (coconut jam, buttered toast, slow cooked egg, soy, white pepper) 6
Grilled Chinese broccoli (caramelized fish sauce) 5


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