1/11/2013 09:49:00 AM

Sodikoff’s Restaurants Get New Websites and Possible Location

Trendy restaurateur Brendan Sodikoff’s restaurants (Gilt Bar, Maude’s Liquor Lounge, Doughnut Vault, Au Cheval and Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf) were so cool they didn’t even have websites, others only operated on blogs while the remining had outdated-overly flashy websites. Not anymore. With help from Hogsalt, each of the restaurants is sporting a sexy new website with photos, menus, online reservation systems and Twitter feeds.

Perhaps this is in preparation for the wave of new restaurants opening under Sodikoff's name this year. It is rumored his Jewish deli concept, Dillman’s, will take over the recently closed Steve’s Deli in River North. He is also planning to transform Curio, the cocktail lounge below Gilt, into a ramen joint, as well as opening a BBQ restaurant and Neapolitan pizza place.


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