1/30/2013 06:30:00 PM

So Long Cafe Au Lait, Here Comes Boba Milk Tea

Declaring that “tea is the next coffee,” Andrew Chau and Bin Chen, aka the Boba Guys, plan to lead the next brewed-drink craze at their forthcoming Mission tea cafĂ©, appropriately named Boba Guys Milk Tea & Snack Bar. The Boba Guys bubble-style tea drinks were a big selling point at Suika, Ken Ken Ramen’s temporarily shuttered bento box joint, but soon folks will be able to get their regular fix around the corner at 3419 19th St, in the former Chamalyn space, which will be remodeled to reflect a Japanese minimalist feel. In addition to the signature black-tea and jasmine-based milk drinks (with fun add-ons such as almond jelly and aloe), the duo will be hawking specials such as horchata boba and roll out Hong Kong-style snacks such as condensed milk toast and milk tea Frozen Kuhsterd topped with candied cinnamon walnuts. Look for a March opening.


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