1/28/2013 05:41:00 PM

Sandwich Board: Smoked Cod Sandwich at Osteria

Chef-partner Jeff Michaud has just introduced a new set of winter dishes at Osteria - he changes up nearly half the menu at the North Broad Italian four or five times each year. The swanky dining room is not quite as fancy as sister spot Vetri, and allows for creations like this showstopper of a sandwich.

While this toad-in-the-hole plate is not necessarily Italian cuisine, by the chef’s own admission, it does use make use of Italian ingredients, like the Cerignola green olives that meet up with wild East Coast cod in the salad stuffing. Wrapped around the fish are huge grilled slices from a house-baked Pullman loaf, the top of which is enhanced by a just-cooked Green Meadow Farm egg.

The smoked cod sandwich runs $12, and is only available at lunch, so adjust your weekday plans accordingly if you want to indulge (215-732-3478).


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