1/10/2013 02:36:00 PM

Philadelphia's Rita's Italian Ice Coming to SoCal

Speaking of East Coast flavors coming west, Philadelphia's Rita's Italian Ice will land in Redondo Beach and Santa Clarita in March. Founded in 1984, the fruit-flavored "water ice" stand has since grown to more than 100 locations nationwide, but these will be the first in California (one was slated to open in Burbank last year but was "delayed," according to reps). You'll find some fun icy flavors like Swedish Fish (tastes just like the gummy candy), watermelon, Florida orange and traditional lemon, which is probably the best. The shops also serve ice cream, frozen custard, Blendinis, which sound like Dairy Queen Blizzards, and sugar-free treats. Redondo Beach will open first at the Redondo Shores Shopping Center (403 N. Pacific Coast Highway), with Santa Clarita (26773 Bouquet Canyon Rd.) soon after.


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