1/16/2013 04:44:00 PM

Ray's Hell Burgers, Hell Burger Too Closed by Landlord

The Colonial Village Shopping Center just got a a little less burger-licious, as ARLnow is reporting Michael Landrum's Ray's Hell Burger and Hell Burger Too have been padlocked as part of a landlord-tenant dispute. When reached for comment on the matter, Landrum told the site this juicy bit:

"I am not saying this is the case here, but landlords abuse their power and violate the rights of tenants with near-total impunity all the time, because tenants rarely have the means or the ability to defend their rights This is something all of us, or very nearly all of us, have experienced. What often times gets me labeled as a “firebrand” (or worse) is simply my refusal to allow my rights to be violated, my insistence on fair treatment, and my willingness to suffer and challenge the consequences when those things are violated."

Fans of the signature burger can still get their fix at Rays to the Third.

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