1/10/2013 08:04:00 AM

Rainy British Weather is Bad for Homegrown Fruit and Veg

As if suffering through the terrible weather last summer wasn't bad enough, it seems that the heavy rainfall and lack of sunshine may have had a negative effect on British-grown fruit and vegetable.

Look in supermarkets and you'll notice that homegrown produce is smaller, discoloured or misshapen than usual. The Guardian has reported that not only does it look strange but some of these fruits and vegetables could also be less healthy and less tasty as the rain is likely to have washed away some of the nutrients in the soil, while the lack of sunshine could have adversely affected sugar levels in growing produce. Sadly, according to the article, some of the farmers attending the recent Oxford Farming Conference said they were now seriously considering growing GM crops because the poor British weather has made conventional farming methods unsustainable. Fingers crossed for a sunny summer this year.

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images


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