1/25/2013 05:30:00 PM

Quote of the Day: Mario Batali on What Makes Him Sad

"I just wish people would be nicer to me. Sometimes I feel like there's a big target on my back. I put a lot of love into the world and I really, truly mean well. I know scrutiny is part of the job, but we all have feelings. For some people, the more well known you are, the more vulnerable you feel. I'm a very sensitive person, what can I say?"

-Mario Batali in a recent interview on what makes him sad. [T&T via GS]


  1. Then maybe you shouldnt skim tips from your waitstaff....

  2. This, from a man wearing links of sausages as a scarf.

  3. Who gives a rarts ace ..I like u. Watch ur show daily. Keep on rollin.