1/14/2013 11:39:00 AM

Portland's 10 Best Restaurants

While IFC's Portlandia has comically put Portland's restaurant scene on the map, there's no joking about the amount of high-quality food being served at the city's many top-notch restaurants. Luckily, our first-ever Portland City Guide has arrived, so check out the top 10 restaurants for food in the slide show below, and check out more of the results here.


  1. Zagat, you are completely out of touch with the Portland restaurant scene.

  2. This list is ridiculous. Noho's Hawaiian Cafe? Why did you even bother? Zagat had it's moment in the sun, but it needs to face the fact that its days of relevance are over.

  3. I would post to say what restaurants I think deserve to be on this list more than these, but I wouldn't want any tourists clogging up the tables at my favorite spots. Let's just say there are a few restaurants that definitely should be on this list that aren't.

  4. Your blog wakes the interest in any of these luxury restaurants, why cook at home when you can enjoy a diner in one of these fantastic places? Thank you so much for posting!

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