1/16/2013 05:29:00 PM

Plan Check Checking Into Fairfax

File this under Can't Wait: Plan Check, the popular Sawtelle gastropub, has taken over the short-lived Vodvil on Fairfax to open a second location later this year. For some of us, that just means that ridiculously good fried chicken sandwich (and fried chicken with smoky gravy) will be so much closer. To others, especially anyone living in that neighborhood, you just got another great spot for beer, cocktails, burgers and donuts, joining others like The Golden State, Rosewood Tavern, Urban Garden, Animal, and of course, Canter's.

This is kind of a boon for owner Terry Heller and chef Ernesto Uchimura, who only opened the first spot a year ago. According to Eater, they're shooting for a summer opening, with plans to open a third location in Downtown LA. Uchimura came from Umami Burger - could this be another empire in the making?


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