1/24/2013 07:00:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Katsuya Uechi on Top Chef Seattle

While the standout moment obviously was Wolfgang Clucks from last night's Top Chef Seattle, it was such a treat to see sushi master Katsuya Uechi with Padma at the beginning of the show. Surprising is probably the word we're looking for because the show is set in city filled with fantastic sushi restaurants, so it was a little unexpected to see one of LA's top masters judging the sushi quickfire. But with his empire still growing - the two Katsu-yas in the Valley, the SBE-partnered Katsuyas (remember, it's all about the hyphens) still dot the landscape, plus the several Izakaya by Katsu-yas and the non-Katsuya-named Kiwami - he is practically a sushi king. So we get it. What we didn't get? The bacon-and-egg sushi from Handlebar Josh, and neither did Katsuya for that matter.


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