1/15/2013 07:00:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Catfish Burger at Pete's Cafe

Oh, the power of social media. Today someone "shared" this photo of a blackened catfish burger topped with fried green tomatillo, celeriac, and BBQ sauce from Pete's Cafe, a tried-and-true locals spot in Downtown LA. When Pete's opened in 2001, the Downtown renaissance was really starting to kick in, especially on Main Street where it was the first full-service dining establishment to open in 50 years. Now, of course, it's a hot bed of activity around that corner with Baco Mercat and Kitchen Table next door, Nickel Diner a block away, and Bar Ama among other great spots nearby. So much so, that we haven't been to Pete's in years. But this seriously delicious looking sandwich makes us think it's time to give one of the originals another look.


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