1/21/2013 05:55:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Busy Fryers at Ricky's Fish Tacos

It's impossible to fight the lure of a good fish taco, and Ricky's Fish Tacos, a tiny street-side set up on the Los Feliz-Silver Lake border, serves some of the best in town. The magic is in the batter and the fresh fish and shrimp (and sometimes lobster or shark) that come hot from these fryers minutes after you order them. You can't miss it, especially on days when so many people wait in line and fill tables to demolish their tacos. With the weather so lovely this weekend, Ricky and his crew were all working double time trying to keep up with demand - there were so many people, for the first time we actually had to wait for our tacos. But the finished product? Worth it every time.


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