1/02/2013 10:52:00 AM

Pete Wells Heads to Jersey City, Awards Two Stars to Thirty Acres

The New York Times restaurant critic chose an unlikely spot for his review this week. Not only is Thirty Acres not in Manhattan, it's not in New York City at all. Pete Wells jumped on the PATH Train and headed across the river to Jersey City, where he checked out the tiny, no-reservations eatery and filed a glowing two-star review. Chef Kevin Pemoulie has manned the kitchen since spring, he previously worked at the Big Apple's Momofuku Noodle Bar. Can he turn this stretch of the Garden State into the new Brooklyn? Signs point to yes:

"A restaurant like Thirty Acres would be a find in any state. It is the kind of place that can redraw regional boundaries, making the Hudson River no more of a barrier to eaters in search of inventive cooking than the East River has become in the past few years. For those who live near a PATH station, it may be easier to reach than several talked-about restaurants in Brooklyn."

Read the full review here.


  1. tell him to stick to NYC…...

    1. Hey Anonymous (Midwest transplant no doubt): you're right. I could use another hilarious Guy Fieri-esque review. Manhattan is clearly pumping out the only note worthy cuisine these days.

  2. The food is fabulous. We're locals and have been eating there since they opened.