1/18/2013 04:02:00 PM

Old San Juan, LA's First "Real" Puerto Rican Restaurant, Opens Tonight

Tostones/Photo: LAW
As culturally diverse as Los Angeles is, it's surprising that we don't really have a Puerto Rican restaurant, or many. Remember J-Lo's Madre? Yeah, that fancy restaurant behind a gas station on a weird block in Pasadena, got some praise but mostly complaints about the price of its mojitos and tostones. So we suspect the new Old San Juan, which opens in Atwater Village tonight, will fill the gaping niche pretty well. Even if it's just for some really good flan.

According to Squid Ink, owner Ramon L. Galindo and Puerto Rican-born executive chef Luis Castro hope this will not only attract any PR natives here in LA, and there are many, but anyone looking for good staples like mofongo, bocalaitos, cuajito (stewed hog maw) and yellow rice with pigeon peas. There are some vegetarian-friendly options, including soyrizo croquettas and vegetable tamales. And of course there's flan, three different flavors in fact. There is a beer and luquor license, too, and soon there will be a lunch buffet and weekend pig roasts.

2830 Fletcher Dr.; 323-284-8323


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