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Ocean 41, Where the Lucky Few Will Dine on Top Chef Chris Crary's Menu

Just one of the nooky nooks at Ocean 41/Photo: Elizabeth Daniels
Top Chef fan favorite and former Whist chef de cuisine Chris Crary was tapped to oversee the menu at Santa Monica's new 41 Ocean, and it looks delicious. Too bad it's a private members-only club. The space, owned by Jeremy Umland and Max Russo, has a classic Spanish Colonial look with mosaic tiles and reclaimed wood accents, a screening room, private workspaces, a large patio and a piano bar. It's designed to attract "fellow artists, executives, and professionals from all industries, including technology, music, entertainment, and hospitality," and if that's you with connections and a big budget - only $1250 a year for you youngins under 30, almost double for us oldies - you're in. For everyone else, here's a peek at the dinner menu because sometimes it's fun to see what you can't have.

Canape Spreads
Bone Marrow - fresno chili, galangal, sunchoke, spiced brioche 14
Caviar - egg, crème frache, caper, chive, whole wheat blini 22
Chicken Liver - quince jam, smoked almond, frisee, waffle 13
Burrata - basil puree, pine nut, roasted garlic & tomato, olive toast 12
Tuna Tartare - cilantro, avocado, kecap manis, daikon, rice cracker 16
Herb Buttermilk Biscuit - honey butter, grape jelly 6

Beet & Barley Salad - almond panna cotta, beet top, raisin, olive 13
Local Greens - grapefruit, avocado, goat cheese, hazelnut vinaigrette 12
Arugula - prosciutto, persimmon, feta, pecan, lemon 14

Potato Soup - bacon, crispy potato, corn, chili 11
Parmesan Gnocchi - lamb neck bolognese, arugula, pickled celery 18
Butternut Squash Ravioli - pancetta, apple, chestnut, sage 16

Sweet Breads - adzuki bean puree, poached pear, mustard green 21
NY Steak - brussels sprouts, confit potato, bone marrow, red wine 28
“Black” Cod - miso, crispy maitake, green apple, radish, parsnip 22
Seared Scallops - cauliflower puree, rye, preserved lemon, jalapeno 19
Lobster - arancini, pea puree, mint, apple, chestnut veloute 26
Braised Ox Cheek - yuzu carrot, celery root robuchon, shallot, herb 24
Crispy Chicken - grits, braised swiss chard, soy caramel jus 21
Venison Loin - salsify, coffee & coco crumble, huckleberry, shiso 29
Grilled Bass - shallot, garlic, mint, basil, thai sauce 21

Veg 7
brussels sprouts, confit weiser potato
yuzu carrot, shallot, herb
salsify, coffee & coco crumble, huckleberry
arancini, pea puree, mint, apple
braised swiss chard, cauliflower puree, sunchoke

Sweet 12
Chocolate Pot De Crème - almond praline, pink pepper, coconut ice cream
Spiced Ginger Cake - puffed rice, thai chili, cereal ice cream
Meyer Lemon Cheesecake - pecan crumble, strawberry, rhubarb, verbena
Roasted Apples - pie crust, torched meringue, caramel & pretzel ice cream


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