1/29/2013 11:34:00 AM

Now Open: Just Falafel in Covent Garden

If you haven't heard of the UAE fast food chain Just Falafel, you will soon enough.

The Middle Eastern company has just launched their first London restaurant in Covent Garden selling a menu of falafel sandwiches ranging from Japanese (with avocado, tomato, sesame seeds, wasabi mayo and ginger dressing) to Mexican (salsa dressing with cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and cucumber pickle) or Italian (falafel on ciabatta bread with mozzarella).

The humble bean snack is proving so popular that additional London locations including Leicester Square, Baker Street and Hammersmith are already in the works.


  1. Yeah and it replaced my favourite Italian restaurant :(

  2. Alex, go get yourself an Italian Falafel, It'll make you get over your favorite Italian restaurant!! I promise

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  4. would u be able send me some recipes i love here off neww food im a mum got 3 children and they love try new things aswell as hubby sent by lesley.677@hotmail.co.uk mother wife children 3 thankyou