1/21/2013 03:51:00 PM

Now Open: Grill 'Em All Debuts Permanent Burger Home in Alhambra

Almost on schedule, the Grill 'Em All guys, Food Network's Great Food Truck Race winners Ryan Harkins and Matthew Chernus, quietly - as quietly as headbangers can - debuted their Alhambra brick-and-mortar burger joint last week. It replaces a former Johnny Rockets strip-mall spot, which is now graced with TVs, heavy metal posters (and music) and original art work with the motto "Death to False Burgers.

The menu is similar to what was on offer at the truck, including half-pound beef burgers topped with everything from peanut butter, bacon and sriracha (the Dee Snider) to burgers stuffed between two grilled cheeses (the Behemoth), but now there's beer to go along with them. The truck is on hiatus until things smooth out at the new restaurant, but keep your eyes on Twitter for news of its return.

19 E. Main St.; 626-284-2874


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